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  •  2017 Governing Board

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    Deer Valley Unified School District is governed by a five-member board of trustees elected by popular vote to alternating four-year terms
    The governing board consists of a president, a vice-president and three members.
    The president and vice-president are elected in January by fellow members and serve in that capacity one year. Board members must reside in the Deer Valley District.

    Operating within the laws of the state legislature, and the rules and regulations of the state Board of Education, the board sets policy for the management of the district.

    The superintendent and district staff are responsible for the execution of these policies.

    Mission Statement

    Through effective policy and decision making, we lead and empower Deer Valley Unified School District to provide and continuously improve upon a world class educational system that prepares our students to successfully compete in the global economy.

    You are Always Welcome

    Board meetings are open to the public except during executive session. Speakers may offer comments on school operations and programs; however, complaints involving students or staff will be heard in executive session.
    Patrons wishing to address the board may do so by completing a request form, located at the back of the board room at each meeting, and presenting it to the board secretary prior to the meeting.
    According to state law, the governing board cannot discuss issues or answer questions at the meeting on items which do not appear on the agenda.


    Agendas will be posted not less than 24 hours prior to each Board Meeting. Board meeting agendas are available on the DVUSD website and hardcopies are posted in the official posting locations at the district office located at 20402 N. 15th Avenue.

Current Agenda

  • Board Docs Our agenda and other board documents are now served from Boarddocs.com as of August 2017. For past meeting information prior to August 2017 please go to the list on the menu on the left. 


    Live Video Live streaming and archive video here.
  • 2017-2018
    • July 11
    • August 8 - 22
    • September 12 - 26
    • October 10
    • November 14 - 28
    • December 12
    • January 9 - 23
    • February 13 - 27
    • March 13
    • April 10 - 24
    • May 8 - 22
    • June 12 - 26
    • July 10, 2018


      Board meetings are conducted at the District Office, 20402 N. 15th Ave, at 7:00 p.m.