• This lab course concentrates on the application of science to civil and criminal laws that are enforced by police agencies in a criminal justice system.  Labs are designed to collect and analyze evidence.  Some material presented in this class is of a graphic nature and may be offensive to some people.  Student discretion is advised.
    Prerequisites- 2 years of science 

    Disclaimer: As your Forensic Science teacher, I want to make certain that you are informed about the topics you will be learning.  Your Forensic Science class will expose you to several controversial subjects.  These include the following:

      • crime scene situations and evidence
      • violence prevention (rape, mugging, abduction) and self-defense
      • serial killer videos, facts, methods, and psychology
      • fingerprinting and hair analysis
      • handgun and bullet analysis
      • the effects of a fired bullet on objects and people
      • drug use, addiction and analysis (legal and illegal)
      • use and detection of blood, other body fluids and poisons
      • autopsy procedures, photos, and videos

    Not only will you learn about these topics, you may also have guest speakers and labs to gain hands-on experience. Illegal substances and objects will not be available to the students.  However, several graphic demonstrations, pictures, videos, and illustrations are included in the class so as to further the understanding of certain topics.  It is important to note that to convict criminals; one must first understand the circumstances of criminals, the crimes they commit, and the tools that are used to commit them.  This must be done at the crime scenes, in laboratories, jailhouse, and courts.