Overview of Smart Snacks in Schools

  • Smart Snacks in Schools are science-based nutrition standards published by the USDA that apply to all foods and beverages sold to students during the school day (outside the school meal programs which have their own set of standards).  The Smart Snacks in Schools Standards put all food and beverages sold and served to students across campus on a level playing field. The standards make healthier foods and beverages available to students while limiting junk food.

    • Smart Snack Standards apply to all foods and beverages sold and served to students K-8 and sold to students 9-12* outside of the school meals programs – including vending machines, a la carte, school stores, snack carts and in-school fundraising.
    • Smart Snack Standards are in effect the entire school day (midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the school day) across the entire school campus.
    • Smart Snack Standards do not apply to classroom celebrations and during evening, weekend or community events. Classroom celebrations are defined as “a celebration that occurs within a given classroom (or respective area) and is limited to only those students enrolled in that one classroom. Examples of classroom parties are holiday parties and birthday parties that occur in the classroom limited to only those enrolled students”.
    • Non-food fundraisers or fundraisers that include only foods and beverages that meet the standards are not limited in any way.

    *The Arizona Nutrition Standards (ANS) amended the National Smart Snacks Standards to include a differentiation between "sold" for grades 9-12 and "sold and served" for grade K-8. Foods that are both sold and served in K-8 must meet the Smart Snacks Standards. This includes field day, principal parties, etc.

    You can read more about the Smart Snack Standards by visiting the websites linked to the right or reading the documents on this page.


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