• Comparison of Advanced Placement classes with Dual Enrollment

    Download attached document AP/Dual Enrollment for a list of AP and Dual Enrollment classes offered at DVHS.


    Advanced Placement

    Rio Salado Dual Enrollment

    Cost: $100 per test taken

    Cost: $85 per credit per semester

              Plus $15 registration fee


    College Credit

    • Score a 3, 4, or 5 to earn credit

    Dependent on subject/school


    • Credit transfers throughout nation and internationally


    • Check school for credit policy

    College credit

    • In-state transfers

    Check on intended major


    • Out-of-state varies between schools


    Academic Requirement:

    • Must earn A’s or B’s in previous honors level class, A’s in regular classes with teacher recommendation, and/or A’ or B’s in previous AP courses


    • Summer reading/activity




    • Follow true college curricula


    Academic Requirement:

    • Perform within acceptable range on Accuplacer tests at any Community College


    • Pay up front and follow college attendance guidelines

    Represents the rigor and expectation of university curricula

    Represents the rigor of the community college curricula