• Grades & Homework
    Grades are on PowerSchool (PS)
    • All student grades are posted online to PowerSchool, the DVUSD online gradebook.  If you are returning, your child's login is the same as it was last year.  If you are new, you can obtain your child's login by stopping in the front office (you will need to show identification).  Students will also be logging onto PS regularly, and your child can show you how to log in at home using his/her login, too.
    • There is also an app you can download to your phone or tablet, allowing you to check grades as often as you'd like.
    • Consider setting up alerts so that you receive emails and notifications on a regular basis. 
    • Please note: Canvas will show grades, although these are not always accurate since it only shows assignments done in Canvas.  If paper assignments or non-Canvas tasks were completed, they won't show in Canvas.  For this reason, it's important to always follow PowerSchool for the most accurate grades.


     Homework in 5th Grade

    • Students in 5th grade should expect to spend 40-60 minutes on homework nightly.  Please check the Weekly News email that you will receive each Friday to know what and how your child should be studying.
      • ELA:
        • ReadTheory - 100 points per week due Thursday night (1st and 2nd quarter); 150 points per week (3rd and 4th quarter); the ReadTheory week resets on Saturday, so students can get a headstart on the weekend if they choose
        • IXL - 2 skills per week, assigned Monday, due by Thursday night to prepare for Friday's quiz
        • NoRedInk - 3 skills per week, assigned Monday, due by Thursday night to prepare for Friday's quiz
        • Vocabulary - words from our weekly selections will be posted on Quizlet for students to independently practice in preparation for their Friday quiz
        • Cursive - one sheet weekly, due Thursday
        • NOTE: Class time is provided to work on all of these programs; unfinished work in class becomes homework
      • Math:
        • Nightly math "exit ticket" (ET) is posted in Canvas related to daily lesson (typically 2-5 problems); 2 chances are provided, so students should resubmit and try for a better score if 1st attempt is a challenge
        • IXL - 2 skills per week, assigned Monday, due by Thursday night to prepare for Friday's quiz
        • DreamBox is available as a supplemental resource for students needing extra practice
      • Science & Social Studies:
        • Finish incomplete classwork
        • Study & prepare for upcoming quizzes/tests
        • Share what they are learning at home to verbalize their understanding of the content
    Other information about grades...
    • Homework, classwork, and projects are to be submitted on time on the due date in order to demonstrate understanding of the skills being practiced (does not apply to absent students).  Failure to submit work on time prevents the teacher from reviewing the work and providing timely feedback and assistance when needed.
    • Teachers will not distribute replacement work to students based on parent email requests.  Parents should encourage their child to talk to the teacher to discuss the need for a replacement.
    • In order to allow teachers to process end of quarter grades and prepare report cards, late work will not be accepted the last week of the quarter.