• Math Retake Contract                                         math
    I encourage your child to work hard and do his/her very best on each and every assessment.  However, everyone has a moment when they don't perform up to their potential.  For this reason, I have created a retake contract to help out with this.   The retake process is designed to ensure that your child has had the opportunity to master the previously-taught material and will involve additional work and at-home practice.  It is a time-consuming process and not intended to be a quick grade-booster but rather an opportunity to demonstrate improved understanding of the content. 

    *NOT ALL ASSESSMENTS are eligible for retakes. 

    Retakes are optional for students who earn a score of 70% or higher on a major assessment and wish to demonstrate a higher level of understanding. 

    *Retakes are required for students who earn a score of 69% or lower on a major assessment.  This ensures students learn the required material that they need to know to successfully pass on from 5th grade and be prepared for 6th grade. 

    1.   The student will need to complete ALL elements of the contract prior to taking the retake assessment.  The student may not show up the morning of a scheduled retake session without having previously submitted the contract for review.  

    2.   Once all elements have been satisfactorily completed, the student and teacher will set a date and time to retake/redo the assessment.