• SAGE MATH This year we are continuing with math "walk up" for our gifted 3rd-6th grade math students. In order to provide a longer class period and more exposure to math at a higher level. I will push into or pull kids in the sage room to assist with the gifted/advanced learning. Please feel free to contact me or any of these teachers with any questions or concerns. 

    Year Goal for SAGE Math: By the end of the year all students will be exceed the standard as evidenced by 90% on the year end math standards test. The SAGE math program at Terramar looks at mathematics as a process. Students work both individually and in groups to insure development of good problem solving strategies. The program will mix accelerated basic skills, logical problem solving, hands-on activities, problem based learning, and spatial activities to enhance concept understanding. Homework should not be new to students as we will have already had an in-class discussion or activity to practice before they bring anything home. There may be times when concepts are being reviewed from previous lessons where direct instruction has not taken place that particular day. In general, calculators are used only to check homework. At times, assignments will be generated around the use of a calculator. Tests and Quizzes For all tests and quizzes students are expected to correct all missed problems and receive half a point for each problem corrected.Students must show all work, for corrected problems.