2020-2021 School Year
      We begin accepting applications in November and start processing them in May each year.

     Application Updates:



    Round 1 Applications Due - May 4th

    Round 2 Applications Due - May 18th


    Summer -

    Round 1 - June 3rd

    Round 2 - June 17th

    Round 3 - July 1st

    Round 4 - July 22nd (Final round before school begins)


     Fall -

    One placemnt after first quarter- TBA

Application Process

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Application Information

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Apply to Renaissance


    **Please note** In order to process an application, we need the individual documentation for each required area. This means that gifted scores, report cards, and academic scores are not interchangable and one cannot take the place of the other. Please make sure you have documentation for each.


    Placement Procedures

    All applications received before each round's cut off will have an equal chance for placement. The candidate will be evaluated with our rubric, and students with the highest rubric scores will be placed in the open spots first. If we still have open spots after a given round, we will continue on to further rounds each following the same process. If there are no open spots remaining, but we have more qualifying candidates, we will begin wiating lists in the event a spot may open over the summer.

    Open Enrollment

    Online Application

    If you are living in the school boundaries already, and your child is already enrolled at the school, you do not have to do anything outside of the Renaissance application.

    If you are not currently living in Canyon Springs/Highland Lakes boundaries, Please Read carefully! 

    Prior to being accepted into the Renaissance Academy - Please open-enroll your child at the school only if your child will attend the school regardless of acceptance into Renaissance Academy. The open enrollment process is separate from the Renaissance application process. Please do not mark that your child was accepted into the Renaissance Academy until that process is completed and you have been notified. If you do this before acceptance, you will only complicate and slow down the enrolment process.

    If your child will only attend the school if he/she is accepted into the Renaissance academy, please do not complete open enrollment until after you receive an acceptance/placement letter. Students accepted into Renaissance are guaranteed open enrollment approval




    Renaissance Siblings

    If you have other siblings you would like to attend one of our Renaissance schools but they are not part of the Renaissance program, you can apply for open enrollment for them also. We suggest you apply for open enrollment as soon as possible for all of your children. The Gifted Services Department can only guarantee enrollment for students accepted into the program.



    If you have any questions, you may email giftedservices@dvusd.org.


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