Awards and Recognitions

  • Our Renaissance students are winners in every sense of the word. From district and state to national competitions, we compete with the best, and are proud of their accomplishments!


    Congratulations to the HLS Renaissance Rubik's Cube Team!


    A combined group of middle school and elementary students went as a team to complete in Las Vegas last Saturday.


    They pulled off another win! The team of 8 students solved 25 cubes in 1:36.909 taking 1st place!!



    Mathletes! Canyon Springs Renaissance Wins Again!

    Congratulations to Canyon Springs Mathletes! First place at district meet today! Canyon Springs STEM Academy

    Highland Lakes Rubik's Cube Champions! 
    HLS won first place in the Team Elementary and Middle School Divisions. Solving 25 cubes in 2:41 minutes (elementary) and 1:43 minutes (MS).
    We also placed in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd slots for individual best in both divisions. Our best time was won in just 15.14 seconds!


    National Merit Commendation 



    Shout out to 3 former Renaissance graduates. Regan, Anna and Subhayon were presented with a National Merit Commendation.
    They tested in the top 3% of 1.6 million students in the fall 2017 PSAT!





    Congrats HLS State Science Fair Winners!

    Science Fair




    The Arizona State Science and Engineering Fair was held for Jr. Division (open to 5th - 8th grade).
    We had 7th and 8th grade Renaissance represented. There were 39 projects representing 62 students. In order to participate, we had to follow ISEF Science Fair rules. The students entered their project into
    1 of 12 science categories. Only the winner from each category could enter AZSEF. Listed below, are the winners of Highland Lakes Science fair and their categories.
    Landon Gilcrease- Engineering
    Jackson Aoyama, Dawnie Erskine, Chloe Sweilem Animal Science
    Tessa Crabtree, Abby Parcel - Bio engineering
    Brandy Anderson - Environmental Engineering
    Aiden Bowers - Mathematical Science
    Tyler Martin - Chemistry
    Ruth Cox - Plant Science
    Samantha McClean - Mechanical Engineeering.
    Not represented are Physics, Astronomy, Cellular or molecular biology or planetary science.
    For those who chose to enter the Arizona State Science and Engineering Fair, I held a science fair clinic once a week from January until March 21st.
    Students looked at scores and comments left by judges on their rubrics, did further research and experimentation, re-built display boards and practiced their presentations.
    Tonight is the celebration of the students below who won in their categories at the Arizona State Science and Engineering Fair which was held yesterday March 22.
    Plant sciences - Ruth Cox
    Aiden Bowers - Mathematical Sciences
    Brandy Anderson - Environmental Engineering
    We will find out tonight what place they won and which, if any are invited to the Intel National Fair.
    The success of these students and the fair we run is not possible without the connections we have made with the Faculty of Midwestern University. Their insight and feed back each year has been invaluable. With the help of some of the Midwestern University faculty, and ASU's West campus and science department I hope to find sponsorship for our gifted students pursuing a career in the sciences.



    Renaissance Academies Take 1st, 2nd, & 4th Place in Another

    State-Wide Math Competition

     Math 4


    Canyon Springs Renaissance Math League Competition Winners


     HLS Renaissance Robotics Competition Winners

    Highland Lakes Renaissance Robotics Teams Place Again in State Competition







    Renaissance robotics is in its third year. This year we had 18 students join our team. Because the FLL rules state that a team can be no larger than ten and must have two coaches, the students chose teammates and we ended up with three teams.

    In August a call went out for another coach and Mrs. Killebrew graciously accepted the challenge. Her background and organizational skill were invaluable and our students' growth is owed a lot to her. Our students had to identify a way we interact with animals and identify a problem and solution regarding this interaction. One team chose animal testing in biomedical research, another chose the use of animals as entertainment, and the third team chose the use of animals in cosmetics testing. Because we had only two coaches, these teams had to compete against themselves to win the right to go to the Northeast Mesa Qualifier tournament in December. The team that was chosen to represent at the qualifier was the team that chose to research animal testing in cosmetics. The other team members came to cheer them on.

    This team placed in the top 6 teams to qualify for the State Tournament which took place Sunday January 15, 2017.

    In the state tournament, the students were interviewed by 3 judges on their research project and solution. Then they were interviewed by another three judges on their robotics problem solving skills that included the use of eight Core Values; What we discover is more important than what we win, We have fun, We are a team, We do the work to find solutions, We display gracious professionalism, We know our coaches don't have all of the answers, We honor the spirit of friendly competition, We share our experiences with others.


    The tournament was a two day tournament with 92 teams competing for a chance to go to Nationals in Huston.

    Each day was a separate tournament. On January 15, 2017, our robotics team won in the category of Gracious Professionalism and scored enough points in the robotics challenge to place 14th out of the 46 teams they competed against.


    This kind of experience for our children is not possible without the support of our Renaissance parents. Their commitment was unwavering, their time invaluable and energy infectious. Without Deer Valley, School District's support of the Renaissance program

    this and other chances for our academic students to shine would not exist.


    Thank you to ALL who support our program.

    I look forward to next year's team/s and challenge.


    Hank Shoop



    Highland Lakes Ren Robotic Club Goes to State




    First Lego League is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students.

    Each August, FIRSTLEGO League introduces a scientific and real-world challenge or theme for teams to focus and research on.

    This year's research theme is Animal Allies. Our robotics team at Highland Lakes took up the challenge to inform the public of the practice of cosmetics testing on animals in the USA. The robotics part of the competition involved designing and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots to complete tasks. The students solved various problems they were given and then met for regional tournaments to share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.

    This year, Highland Lakes' Renaissance Robotics club became one of 9 teams of 35 to qualify for state competition in the North East Mesa Tournament held at Red Mountain High school on December 10,2016. Team members are Gally Cook, Michael Mollitor, Salil Naik and Kilan White. These students are working hard to improve their project, research, and robotics programing to compete at the state level.

    This would not be possible without parent support and encouragement, as well as tax donations that help fund tournament registration, purchase of the field and components each August and the purchase of new robots.

    We would like to thank every parent who has supported us. This is our third year competing and our first year to go to state.


    Coach Hank Shoop

    Coach Mary Killebrew


     Canyon Springs Mathleague State Competition Winners

    We are proud to announce that the Mathleague State Competition went very well this past weekend at University High School in Tucson!


    We took 10 students in 4-6th grade.  There were 50 schools from all over the state and 261 students total. 7 of our 10 students placed in the top 20 of their grade levels.


    The 6th grade team won the entire competition!  There is a beautiful trophy in the office.



     BOOK IT! Award Goes to Canyon Springs 3rd Grade Renaissance Again!

    Book It    
    Ms. Stephens 3rd grade Renaissance class received an award from Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! program for being one of the top 100 classes in the nation to read the most minutes from October to March. They read 59,998 minutes total out of the 8.1 million minutes read by the nation!
    This is the 3rd year in a row Ms. Stephens class has gotten this award.

     Canyon Springs Mathleague Northern Regional Competition
    Pic offers a number of services focused on enhancing the quality and quantity of competitive mathematical opportunities available to all students everywhere. This year Canyon Springs sent 12 students to the Northern regional competition in February to Bradshaw High School in Prescott Valley. The students did very well, with 10 of them qualifying for state!  Our students will be traveling to the state competition in May.

    The Highland Lakes Math Competition Team won the third place trophy in the MathCounts Chapter Competition last Saturday. Also, two students, Sarah and Grace, placed in the top ten in the Chapter. This is a very tough national math competition. We are so proud of Mrs. Behrens and our wonderful students!


    Sarah, our Current 8th Grade Renaissance Student, was Honored as One of the Brightest Middle School Students in the World for 2015!


    2015 Math League Competition 
    Ms. Stephens's Math League Team at Canyon Springs STEM Academy won 1st place in the 2015 Math League Contest in Prescott. All three grade levels who participated (3rd, 4th, and 5th) qualified to compete in the upcoming AZ State Math League Competition! Congratulations to the Canyon Springs mathematicians!

    2015 AMC 8 Competition Winners
    Mrs. Behrens's math students won a level award and some individual awards in the AMC 8 competition. The DVUSD Governing Board recognized the team at a Board meeting. 

    2015 Arizona MathCounts Competition
    The Highland Lakes Middle School Math Competition team, coached by Mrs. Behrens and Renaissance parent volunteer Feng Wang, placed 2nd in the Chapter Level MathCounts Competition. Sarah and Grace won 2nd and 4th in the individual contest out of more than 100 students! Congratulations to our Highland Lakes mathematicians!  The team qualified and will participate in the Arizona state level competition.  

    2014 Arizona State Rubik's Cube Competition Winners 

    The Elementary Rubik’s Cube team 4th and 5th grade Renaissance students at Highland Lakes School won first place for the third year in a row in the Arizona State SciTech Festival. They are also ranked #2 nationally for elementary division in 2014.  Grace, 5th grade Renaissance student,  also won 1st place in the individual competition in elementary division.  Congratulations, Elementary team! Congratulations, Grace! 

    Elementary Rubik's Cube Team photo
     The Middle School Rubik's Cube Team of 6th through 8th grade Renaissance students at Highland Lakes School won third place in the state and is ranked 39th nationally for middle school division. Congratulations, Middle School Team! 


    2014 State Science Fair Winners

    Sanika, 6th grade Renaissance student at Highland Lakes, won 1st place in the State Science Fair in the Plant Sciences category. Congratulations, Sanika!


    Mathews, 7th grade Renaissance student at Highland Lakes, won 2nd place in the State Science Fair in the Behavioral Science category. Congratulations, Mathews! 



    2014 Spelling Bee Winners

    Mathews, 7th grade Renaissance student and Grace, 5th grade Renaissance student at Highland Lakes School, won first and second place in the Deer Valley School District Spelling Bee Competition.  Congratulations, Mathews and Grace! 



    2014 Battle of the Books Winners

    Grace, Lauren, and Sarah, 5th and 6th grade Renaissance students  at Highland Lakes School, won first place in Deer Valley School District Battle of the Books Competition. Congratulations, Grace, Lauren, and Sarah!   


    2014 Book It! Award 
    Mrs. Stephens's 3rd-4th grade Renaissance class at Canyon Springs STEM Academy received the Book it! Award for being one of the top 100 schools in the nation to read over 100,000 minutes. Keep reading!

    2013-14 Continental Math League Awards at Canyon Springs
    Congratulations to Mrs. Stephens's 3rd-4th grade Continental Math League winners: Tyler, Aidan, Jake, Francis, and Zak!

    Congratulations to Mr. Rockey, Mrs. Schrade, and the 8th Grade Band & Orchestra!

    Our amazing musical team has been chosen to participate in Disney Performing Arts at the Disneyland Resort. The Soundtrack session will allow the Symphony Orchestra the opportunity to record in Disneyland's Rehearsal Hall and be on the sound track for an upcoming Disney Movie!

    2012-13 Math Olympiads Results

    This year's Math Olympiads competition brought more big wins from our 6th grade class!
    Both Mrs. Behrens's and Mrs. Barnes's 6th grade classrooms have earned the highest team honor for the Math Olympiad competition: top 10% ranking. The following students placed in the top 2% nationally: Sarah Z., Liam O., Mark Z., Marcus W., and Karson K. Sixteen other 6th graders placed in the top 10% nationally.

    math olympiads logo


    Middle School State Science Fair Winners, 2012-13

    Tanner placed second in the Earth and Planetary Science division and Kimmee placed third in Chemistry in the Arizona State Science and Engineering Fair, hosted by INTEL. There were over 750 entries! Both Kimmee and Tanner placed first in the Highland Lakes Science Fair prior to going on to earn recognition in such an esteemed competition.

    Tanner and Kimmee

    2013 Spelling Bee Champion!

    Renaissance 6th grader Mathews won first place in the Deer Valley district spelling bee. Mathews went on to place 2nd in regionals and 2nd in the state spelling bee. We are proud of our champion!

    Mathews at the spelling bee



    Rubik's Cube Club Wins Again....

    For the second year in a row, Mrs. Potts led her Rubik's Cube Team to first place at the ASU . The team of 8 Renaissance students solved 25 cubes in 3 min 16 seconds. Congratulations to our winners!

    Rubiks Cube winners

    Mrs. Behrens's Class Wins the Gold!

    Mrs. Behrens's 2011-12 sixth grade class competed in Math Olympiad, a national math competition.

    Congratulation to the 2011-2012 6th Grade team! They won a plaque for scoring in the top 2%. Congratulations also to the indiviual pin winners:

    • Gold Pin (top 2%) - Courtland
    • Silver Pin (top 3%-10%) - Amanda, Joelle, Jane, Nicole