Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud !

    Be Responsible: stay focused, on task & try to complete all work

    Be Safe: keep body to yourself, walk (don’t run), use materials wisely

    Be Caring: to myself, others (use kind words, share, help out & take turns) & my school

    Be Respectful: use good manners, always be honest


    Think about It ~ The student sits at a “time-out” desk for no more than 6 minutes. Before that time is up the student and I will discuss which classroom rule they were not following and how they can make a better choice.

    Think about It Again ~ The student sits at the picnic tables during lunch recess or extra recess. I will discuss with the student how to make a better choice. If a student loses both recesses in a day then a call, email and/or note will be coming home for a parent signature.

    Parent Contact ~ If a student is having a difficult day and the “time-outs” are not helping the student regain control then a parent will be called or emailed.

    Every student has a monthly behavior calendar in the middle of their folder (do not take out). It is the student's responsibility to show their parent if they had a difficult day. Parent needs to sign that they saw the note.