• 1st Grade Character Expectations

    My goal is to provide a classroom community where all children feel comfortable in expressing themselves positively and responsibly. All students are expected to display behaviors that reflect good character. To achieve this goal, in our classroom I will be using a behavioral system based on clearly established choices and consequences. This behavior system is based on a step-by-step process.

    Students will have a clip and start each day “Ready to Learn”. Based on their actions the clip is moved up for positive actions, and down for poor choices. Each day, your child will bring home the S.T.A.R. folder. Your child will color the date on the calendar according to where they ended the day on the chart. Positive rewards will be given for demonstrating good character, and consequences will be earned for poor choices. 

    Praise your child for a job well done and following our classroom and school goals. I thank you in advance for your support.

    Classroom Clip Chart Colors

    Outstanding (purple)

    Great Choices (pink)

    Good Choices (blue)

    Ready to Learn (green)

    Think About It (yellow)

    Teachers Choice (orange)

    Parent Contact (red)