• Classroom Expectations
    Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe
    We talk about what each means and the expectation that goes with each. These expectations are talked about in great depth at the beginning of the year and then reviewed throughout the school year. If there is ever any pressing issues that occur, I will make sure to inform you directly immediately. 

    Classroom Management

    • Students are awarded Coyote Cash when they follow these expectations.
    • Students can use their Coyote Cash to "buy" non-monetary rewards.
    • Quarterly rewards are earned. 
    Students have the choice as to how their day can be.  They can choose to be Proactive or Reactive. If they choose not follow our classroom expectations, then these are the choices we work through:  
    • Choice 1: verbal redirection 
    • Choice 2: complete a written reflection during class
    • Choice 3: complete a written reflection during lunch or afternoon recess (5 minutes)
    • Choice 4: after school detention (1 hour Tuesday or Thursday)
    • Choice 5: conference with the assistant principal and/or principal