• DIBELS Next is a series of one-minute timed literacy assessments used in all Deer Valley schools in grades Kindergarten through 3rd to measure the literacy progress of each student.  There are THREE testing benchmark periods during the school year in which students are individually tested.  After testing is complete, the Reading Interventionists download reports to give teachers' immediate feedback as they plan for reading instruction in the classroom.  DIBELS Next assesses the five early literacy skills:  Phonological Awareness, Alphabetic Principle & Word Attack Skills, Vocabulary & Language Skills, Accurate & Fluent reading with connected text and Reading Comprehension.  These five measures help determine students' progress of their reading literacy skills.  Teachers can utilize the test data to make instructional decisions about students' performances as the DIBELS Next scores are correlated to future scores on grade-level state tests (e.g. AZMERIT), first given in 3rd grade.  

    Benchmark Assessment Windows for 2017 - 18:

            Fall     Aug.7 - Aug. 21st

            Winter  Dec. 5 - Dec. 16

            Spring  May 1 - May 19


  • RI (Reading Inventory)

  • The RI (formerly the Scholastic Reading Inventory) is an objective research-based assessment of reading comprehension skills utilized in the Deer Valley school district in grades 3rd - 6th, as well as in middle and high schools.  The assessment is not timed and is taken on the computer.  There are THREE testing benchmark periods during the school year.  The data provides the teachers and Reading Interventionists immediate feedback on students' reading levels (measured in lexile levels) and shows growth over the school year.  The RI helps teachers to differentiate reading instruction and make meaningful decisions for interventions.  The RI can also predict growth towards grade-level state tests (e.g. AZMerit) and demonstrate accountability towards mastering the state standards (AzCCR).



    Here is a 6 minute video (credit: http://www.lexile.com) for parents that gives a general description of the Lexile Framework for Reading. Enjoy!
     Your child should read outside of school 20 to 30 minutes daily both silently and orally to someone!
  • 95% Group Screeners

    (PSI, PASI)