• Welcome 2022-23

    Expectations for 8th grade social studies are as follows:

    * Treat everyone with respect at all times.

    * Treat the classroom like it is a place you spend a lot of time and want it to be a clean and enjoyable environment.  All trash should be put in trash can.  

    * Come to class prepared with all supplies needed:  charger, chromebook charged, something to write with & notebook.

    * Assignments are expected to be completed on time (unless arranged ahead of time with Mrs. W)

    * Behavior should reflect good manners:  raising your hand to talk after being called on, no gum chewing, no cell phones, airpods or any other electronic devices should be used other than chromebooks. 

    * You are 8th grade role models and Bobcat Ambassadors to the school - act like it, be kind, helpful role models to all students. This includes following and setting an example with dress code appropriate attire.  NO HATS, midriffs and shorts should be an appropriate length that should fully cover buttocks.