One of our ducklings!


    Egg to Chick returned to Sierra Verde in March of 2018! After further investigation, the club will decided against installing a permanent chicken coop to the SV Campus. A larger temporary coop was built by one of the club's student helpers and replaced the smaller cages that were previously used to house the chicken during their Sierra Verde stay.  The chicks enjoyed the larger area!

    The Egg Drop challenge was successful!  Many eggs survived the two story fall.  More importantly, all students learned about things that worked and thought about ways to modify the packaging to better protect the  eggs.

    The club hatched 16 chicks, 7 ducklings, and 6 turkeys!  The hatchings were streamed out over USTREM and many families were able to watch some of the animals hatch.

    Information about the 2019 club will be available in February 2019.

    Click on the link below to view one of our 2017 "hatchings".   http://animoto.com/play/S7bxB5jSKWtkJt6tuF9KJg