• Hello and welcome to the Sunset Ridge Student Support Services page! 
    At Sunset Ridge, we are committed to helping every child succeed.
    Our team is made up of a number of individuals, so we each created an individual page to help service our families. If your student attends a class held by a Service Coordinator, please follow the link on the sidebar with his or her Coordinator's name. From there, you should be able to access specific information about your student's class.
    Have a question, compliment, or concern? Please visit the complete list of contacts to view e-mail addresses and school phone numbers for everyone on our team.
    Student Support Services provides a wide range of services to many different students; sometimes, this process can be overwhelming or confusing for parents. We are here to support you! The following links may provide the information you need or answer questions you have.
    Great resource for families:
    Arizona's Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services branch: 
    Education, IEP, and Advocacy Resources: