The SAGE program provides and assures numerous daily opportunities for collaborative learning among gifted students in their identified areas of English Language Arts. 

    This academic area is taught at the correct level of difficulty so that students are appropriately challenged and excited about learning. SAGE provides an environment that encourages students to contribute as well as to respect each other’s thoughts and ideas, so that they may grow to show tolerance, thoughtfulness, kindness and acceptance, and become positive influences for their peers. An appreciation of individual contributions among SAGE students creates an atmosphere of acceptance. 

    English Language Arts Content Replacement

    SAGE is a content replacement program in English language arts in grades 3-6. 

    Students attend SAGE classes in lieu of general education classes and receive grades in their content replacement subject(s) from their SAGE teacher. SAGE addresses accelerated curriculum and content that is enriched and differentiated. The SAGE program provides a minimum of one-year acceleration in English language arts while ensuring current grade level concepts are mastered. SAGE students use differentiated strategies appropriate for high ability/gifted learners. 

    Math 3rd-6th Grade

    Students identified as Gifted in math and who have demonstrated grade level content mastery in math will be placed and clustered together in the next grade level’s math class.