• Book
    Textbook: ¡Así se dice! Level 1 Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Glencoe ISBN 978-0-07-660423-4
    Lección preliminar
    -greet people
    -say good-bye to people
    -express yourself politely
    -count to 100
    -identify the days of the week
    -identify the months of the year
    -find out & give the date
    -ask & tell the time
    -discuss the seasons & the weather

    Capítulo 1: ¿Cómo somos?
    -identify & describe people & things
    -tell where someone is from
    -tell what subjects you take & express opinions about them
    -talk about Spanish speakers in the U.S.
    -nouns, adjectives, & articles
    -the verb ser
    - & usted

    Capítulo 2: La familia y la casa
    -talk about families & pets
    -describe a house & apartment
    -describe rooms & some furnishings
    -discuss a family from Ecuador
    -the verb tener
    -possessive adjectives

    Capítulo 3: En clase y después
    -talk about what you do in school
    -identify some school clothes & school supplies
    -talk about what you and your friends do after school
    -compare school and after school activities in Spanish-speaking countries & the U.S.
    -present tense of -ar verbs
    -the verbs ir, dar, & estar
    -the contractions al & del

    Capítulo 4: ¿Qué comemos y dónde?
    -identify foods & discuss meals
    -talk about places where you eat
    -order food or a beverage at a café
    -compare eating habits in Spain, Latin America, & the U.S.
    -present tense of regular -er and -ir verbs
    -expressions with the infinitive: ir a, tener que, acabar de

    Capítulo 5: Deportes
    -talk about sports
    -describe a soccer uniform
    -identify colors
    -compare team sports in the U.S. & Spanish-speaking countries
    -present tense of stem changing verbs
    -verbs such as interesar, aburrir, & gustar

    Capítulo 6: El bienestar
    -discuss people's personalities, conditions, & emotions
    -explain minor illnesses
    -talk about a doctor's appointment
    -learn about a literary genre: the picaresque novel
    -use ser & estar
    -indirect object pronouns

    Capítulo 7: De vacaciones
    -talk about summer & winter weather & activities
    -discuss summer & winter resorts in Spanish-speaking countries
    -preterite tense of regular -ar verbs
    -preterite of ir & ser
    -direct object pronouns

    Capítulo 8: En tu tiempo libre
    -talk about a birthday party
    -discuss concerts, movies, & museums
    -discuss Hispanic art & music
    -preterite of -er and -ir verbs
    -the verbs oir, leer
    -affirmative & negative words

    Capítulo 9: ¡Vamos de compras!
    -talk about buying clothing
    -talk about buying food
    -compare shopping in Spanish-speaking countries with shopping in the U.S.
    -more numbers
    -present tense of saber & conocer
    -comparatives & superlatives
    -demonstrative adjectives & pronouns

    Capítulo 10: En avión
    -talk about packing for a trip & getting to the airport
    -tell what you do at the airport
    -talk about being in an airplane
    -discuss air travel in South America
    -verbs that have "g" in the "yo" form of the present tense
    -present progressive tense

    Capítulo 11: ¡Una rutina diferente!
    -identify more parts of the body
    -talk about your daily routine
    -talk about backpacking & camping
    -reflexive verbs
    -commands with favor de

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