Student-Athlete Education

  • Wrestling
    Photo Credit: Joseph Garza
    certificate of completion for the online courses "Opioid Education: The Game You Can't Win" and "Brainbook" must be on file at the school. These courses must be completed prior to any participation, and need to be completed only once during the school year by the student-athlete.
    1. Access the AZ Preps 365 Education website.
    2. Register as a student, or login with your previous credentials.
    3. Take the tests identified with your name (not as a guest).
    4. Fill out the information page, and select all sports you plan on trying out for this school year.
      1. Middle School Students: When selecting the AIA Member School, select the high school you will likely attend. You will also select grade 9, regardless of which grade you are currently in.
    5. Complete the courses, and don't skip any sections. Brainbook takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, while Opioid Education will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
    6. After completing the courses, save your copy of the completion certificates. You will later upload these to Register My Athlete.