• Procedures

     Daily Folders
    Each day I will be sending home a 2-pocket folder with your
    child. It will contain items such as a newsletter, monthly behavior
    chart, reading log, notes from myself, forms, and important school documents. 
    Please check your child's folder
    daily and send it back to school with them the following

    Students should bring one healthy
    snack and a labeled water bottle to school with them each day.


    Parents may send in special (store
    bought) treats for their child's birthday. Please email me ahead of time if
    you plan to send something in. Treats are served at the end of the class session
    so please do not send anything that may melt, such as ice cream or popsicles.

    Students may purchase a hot lunch &
    milk/juice from the cafeteria. I will also have a bin in the room for
    students to place their cold lunches from home. If you would like to add
    lunch money to your child's account from home/work you can do so by going to
    http://www.ezschoolpay.com/ You can also stop by the cafeteria before

    Parent Volunteers
    I always appreciate parents
    that want to be involved in their child's education and offer up
    their time to help teachers by volunteering in the classroom. Note:
    Parents must take a Volunteer Training class through the
    school district prior to helping out. Please see the office for dates and