• Assessments


    (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)
    Your child will be tested several times
    throughout the school year to determine their literacy skills and monitor
    The areas tested are:
    PSF - Phoneme Segmentation Fluency (saying the sounds they hear in a
    NWF - Nonsense Word Fluency (reading nonsense words)
    ORF - Oral Reading Fluency (counts the number of words read
    accurately in one minute and how well the student does as retelling as many
    details about the story as he/she can)

    (Deer Valley Quarterly Math Assessment)
    Your child will be tested every quarter to check their progression in math.

    Reading Street weekly assessment
    At the end of each week your child will be tested on their ability to
    read words based on the phonics skill we've been practicing (ex: words with a
    short a sound), high-frequency words of the week, comprehension skill, and their
    ability to answer the question of the week.

    Write From The Beginning ... and Beyond
    Your child's writing will be graded on 5 things:
    Punctuation and  Spacing
    Capital Letters where needed
    Using Descriptive  Words
    Varied  Sentences
    Whether it Makes Sense