•    This is my 8th year at Highland Lakes School.  I very excited to be returning to such an awesome school!  I have taught mathematics for 17.5 years in Deer Valley Unified School District for grades 7 - 12.  

        The majority of my teaching experiences have been in a Learning Center Classroom, working with students with mild/moderate disabilities.  I have also worked as a co-teacher in 7th grade Math, 8th grade math, and in high school Algebra and Geometry classrooms, providing support to the general education teacher and students of all ability levels.

       Prior to obtaining my teaching degree, I was a volunteer mathematics tutor for grades 6-9 and for students with disabilities at the community college level.  I received my Bachelors in Special Education, with an emphasis in Mathematics, from Arizona State University in 2003.  Since graduation, I have taken several additional mathematics classes, just for fun!


       I enjoy a simple, quiet life with my husband and 3 cats.  As often as possible, I treck down to Tucson to hang out with my daughter. son-in-law,  and 2 grandchildren - Gavin and Charly.  Gavin is entering a 3rd grade Gifted Program this year and Charly will attend her second year of pre-Kindergarten, as she will be too young to enter into Kindergarten.

this is a picture of my granddaughter Charly at the age of 4
this is a picture of my grandson Gavin at the age of 7
Gavin and Charly in Flagstaff
this is a picture of me in Oregon