• Key to Success  

  • Attendance and Make-Up Work Policy

    Keep absences to a minimum. Upon return to school, it is the STUDENT’S responsibility to make-up any assignments missed.  Students will have the number of days they missed to complete the work during their absence. Check your folder for any assignments you need to complete.  This includes, but is not limited to: tests, quizzes, class work, projects, etc. done that day.


     Please speak with Mr. Johnson regarding any special circumstances. Make up exams may be given in a different form to maintain academic integrity.




    Classroom Procedures

    • Students are to be in class on-time daily. Students need to enter the classroom quietly and find their assigned seats. Students need to have their ISN and a pen/pencil every day. Please bring a charged Chromebook every day. 
    • After sitting at the assigned seat students will check the board and begin the bell work quietly.
    • Students are expected to work in groups and pairs cooperatively.
    • Students will be expected to take notes using an interactive notebook with notes, handouts, and various types of activities.
    • Writing and Document Analysis assignments must be typed in MLA format and submitted through google docs if not told differently by the teacher.

    Teacher Tutoring Times or Extra Opportunity

    Students may receive extra help by scheduling a time before or after school with their teacher. If you would like to meet, please contact me in advance.


    Please contact the Mr. Johnson for any student concerns. Email is the preferred method of communication as I can check it throughout the day. It is crucial that teachers, parents, and students maintain open lines of communication. By 7th and 8th grade I begin expecting students to communicate with me about their needs.


    In Mr. Johnson’s class we respect one another, We strive to learn, We let others learn, We create, We celebrate success, We work hard, We learn from mistakes, We are a team.


    We strive to implement a positive behavior system at Terramar. Teachers and other staff members are encouraged to recognize exemplary behaviors and to review the school/classroom expectations often. Students “caught being good” can receive raffle tickets and a spot in our quarterly parties.


    Each classroom/grade level will use their own behavior system within their classrooms for infractions that can be “teacher managed.” Consequences may include warnings, lunch detention, after school detention, private or parent conference etc. After a student has three documented infractions from a teacher, the behavior report will be sent to the office to be “office managed.”  The parent will receive a phone call or email for each documented infraction.


    If there is a more serious infraction such as fighting, insubordination, theft etc, the student will be sent directly to the office to be “office managed.” Again, the parent will be contacted as soon as possible.


  • Daily Required Supplies

    • 5 subject spiral for ISN THIS WILL BE USED AND REQUIRED DAILY
    • CHARGED Chromebook
    • Pencils
    • Pens
    • Highlighters
    • Colored pencils or fine tipped markers
    • Tape or glue (liquid)
    • Donations of 1 ream of colored and white paper for foldable would be awesome! and as always hand sanitizer and tissues are appreciated for your child's health and comfort