Welcome to Ms. Dukarm's Visual Arts Classes!
    Office Hours are posted each week in the classroom. 
    Our classes inspire and educate young artists to appreciate and create visual art.  Upper level courses will help students create portfolios for entrance to college courses. AP Courses will give students the opportunity to obtain college credit.
    All my classes will be using Canvas, our online learning system to turn in their work.  Parents can gain access to the student's Canvas pages and review the lessons, due dates and their student's submissions.  
    I highly suggest you sign up with your student's login information, it is a very valuable resource.  Here are a couple ways to sign up:

     APP directions:

    Computer Access Directions:  
    If you are not signed up to receive weekly or daily emails from our district grading system- Power Schools, I highly recommend it.  This is a great way to keep up with all your student's grades and attendance.  Here is a link to get it set up.



    AP Studio Art Summer Assignment: 

    AP Summer Assignments



    Courses I am teaching this year:


    1st Hour: Art 3-4

    2nd Hour:  Art 3-4

    3rd Hour:  Art 5-6, 2D   Portfolio, AP Studio Art 

    5th Hour:  Art 1-2

    6th Hour:  Art 1-2

    7th Hour:  Prep


    Office Hours are posted on the classroom board weekly.