• English Language Arts (ELA) 

    • The Collections Curriculum is used to introduce a theme followed by Literature Studies.
    • Dissecting literature and informative texts through written responses, annotation, and discussions with cooperative learning.
    • Providing text evidence to support a response, identify/analyze elements of literature, and plot diagrams 
    • RACE Method: Restate, Answer, Cite Evidence, Elaborate
    • Writing with complete sentences, capitalization, and correct use of commas, dashes and hyphens


    • Use of Collections Curriculum to teach the writing process and elements of the different types of writing

    Students will be writing across the curriculum:

    • Narrative (Reading)
    • Argumentative (Social Studies)
    • Informative (Science)
    • Literary Analysis (Reading)

    Presenting Skills (All Content Areas)

    Keys to student success:

    -          Pay attention and participate in class

    -          Think, think, think

    -          Ask questions…lots of them – questions encourage thinking

    -          Use time given in class to complete work

    -          Complete homework

    -          READ, READ, READ!

    How parents can help their student:

    -          Promote nonfiction reading.

    -          Talk to your child about what they’re reading.  Even read the same book to facilitate discussions.

    -          Make reading part of your child’s daily routine.

    -          As needed check homework websites.


    How is your child's grade calculated?

    20%  Course Work

    80%  Assessments


    Collections login instructions can be found in Canvas