• Dear Parents and Athletes:

    Welcome to the basketball season!  We are looking forward to an exciting few months filled with learning opportunities for athletes on both teams.  We wanted to introduce ourselves, as well as provide some general information regarding the selection process during tryouts. 

    Womens’ Coach: I am Samantha DeVriendt, the fourth year girls’ coach.  Last year we had a very successful season. I played all sports as a kid, basketball throughout middle school and high school.  As a coach, I strive to teach fundamentals and bring enthusiasm to all practices and games. 

    Our basic goal is to select teams that will be successful in competitions, work together, and respond to directions provided by the coaches.  We attempt to do this in as fair, objective and sincere manner as possible, all while knowing that decisions must be made in the best interest of the team, not necessarily the individual. PLAYING TIME IS NOT GUARANTEED, EVEN IF YOU MAKE THE TEAM.

    We will evaluate basketball skills objectively though our skill practice and game-like drills. Coaches will be observing players during tryouts to monitor a variety of skills including: ball handling, shooting, athletic ability and defensive potential.

    Chemistry is an important factor for successful basketball teams, and each player’s attitude plays a role. We watch for positive attitudes during the course of tryouts. We also look for athletes that have exceptional work ethic, energy, effort and can meet the demands of a competitive practice session.

    We will give fair opportunity to all that compete for the 10-14 spots on the 7th/8th grade teams. Unfortunately, we can’t handle 30 athletes at one practice, let alone on the team, so we will have to cut players starting on the first day of tryouts. We will talk to our players face to face and explain our decisions. All decisions will be fair, well thought out, and in the best interest of the basketball program.



    Samantha DeVriendt and Chad Kaufmann


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