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    Classroom Policies  

    Drop off and Pick up                                                                                                           

    Drop off in the morning will be at the main gate.  Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Students will come in the classroom, wash hands, unpack, and begin bell work between 8:30-8:45. Students will be dismissed from our classroom between 3:20 and 3:30.  Early in the year, students will be escorted for parent pick-up, busses, Coyote Corner, and walking.  If you need to pick up your child during school hours, you must go to the office and sign him or her out. If your child is tardy, you must also go to the office to sign him or her in and receive a pass.  Attendance and punctuality are a priority at Diamond Canyon.

    Daily Folders
    Communication between home and school is very important.  Your child will bring home one folder every day - it is a combination of a take home folder and behavior folder. Please review the contents with your child. Work that is sent home is a wonderful memory jogger for your child to tell you about the events of his or her day.  Please keep the calendar attached to the folder (see Behavior Management). Other school wide information will be included as well.  Please help your child to get organized and find a spot at home to store your child’s backpack every day.  Your child is responsible for returning the folder each day.

    Behavior Management
    You will find a daily log of your child’s behavior on the calendar attached to the behavior folder.  Our classroom behavior plan is consistent with the philosophy of the first grade level.  Each day is a new day and every student begins the day with his/her "sunshine" on green.  At the end of the day, if no infractions occur, the child will color the square green for that day . When the student receives 5 (non-consecutive) sunshine stamps, he or she will choose a reward card called a Choice Card (CC). Students will be redirected when they are making poor choices.  After three verbal redirections, the student will receive a natural consequence and the area for improvement will be noted on the behavior calendar.  An infraction that causes harm to self or others moves the sun to red without a verbal warning.  Fighting is an automatic move to red and will noted as an office referral with the Assistant Principal.  
    Our behavior plan focuses on responsibility, safety, and respect.  I also reward students for making good choices!  When I see that a student is going above and beyond to help make our classroom and school a better place, that student will receive a Brag Tag. Diamond Canyon awards Coyote Codes (purple tickets) when a student is modeling outstanding behavior anywhere on campus.  Purple tickets are chosen at the end of each week to highlight students.  We all make mistakes, and the idea is to learn from them.  When I see that a student is making strides to improve his/her behavior after a bad choice is made, there is the opportunity to earn Brag Tags as well. I prefer to focus on the positive. 

    I believe that at-home practice is a valuable supplement to the material that students are learning every day at school. Practice will reinforce the skills that the students are developing.  This should be a fun exercise for your child.  If he or she is overwhelmed, it is time to stop!  Start again at another time when your child is feeling comfortable and ready to goSpecific homework will be discussed at Curriculum Night.
    Another area to focus on with your child is reading.  Reading with your child is an essential tool that will foster his or her love of learning.  I encourage you to spend at least 15-20 minutes every night (1-2 books) sharing books with your child. 

    Star of the Week
    Each week our class will highlight a particular student.  This program will give students the opportunity to share themselves, their families and their interests with their classmates.  It is a great experience to be able to speak in front of a group.  I will be there to assist if this is outside the child’s comfort zone.  When your child is selected, information will be sent home on the prior Friday with directions for the following week.
    Birthdays are a wonderful and exciting time for students to share their special days with their classmates.  You are welcome to (optional) send in a treat for the entire class. Birthday items are also available for purchase through our DC cafeteria.  Please share your thought with me prior to the date.

    Parent Helpers
    I am so happy to have volunteers back on campus and in our classroom.  Options will be communicated early in the year.
    As you are your child’s first teacher, I am here to assist you with whatever I can do to guide your child’s education. Feel free to contact me in the way that you are most comfortable – Class Tag, a note, call, email, or make an appointment to meet via Zoom. The best times to reach me at school are from 8:00-8:30 a.m. and 3:30-4:00 p.m.

    The first grade supply list is posted on the DC website.  Throughout the year I will be posting items on our class wish list on the website and contributions are greatly appreciated!  I do my best to ensure that each student feels that he or she is a valuable member of the class.  I want all children to feel safe and secure and to have fun in their learning environment.  Together we can have a Sunsational year!   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Sincerely your child’s first grade teacher,

    Suzy Emerson