• Sierra Verde Drama

  •    Welcome to our DRAMA page!  This is one of our favorite things at Sierra Verde School next to spending time with kindergarteners and 6th graders everyday.  The drama club is for 6th-8th grade students.  It is an after school program.  The students have a fabulous time being a part of this family.  Each year we put on a staff show and a student show.   The staff show is a fund raiser for the drama department.  We have a dessert show for the community.   Look at our photo galleries to see past performances.   This is an amazing experience for the students and teachers alike.



    Janet Cerjak & Christy Rudisel



    6th through 8th grade                                                                                


    September- April (2 times weekly);every day during show week


    Number of Students:

    Depends on the show but we do cut after auditions

    Limited tech positions



    $100.00 for actors

    $75.00 for tech