• Chorus Class

    5th/6th Grade Chorus Class

    • Practice your Solfege Scale With Hand Signals using the attached Sheet under the 5th/6th Grade Chorus class Link
    • Reading Melodies Using Ti - Solfege Activity Sheet.
    • Sing the following Songs
    • 5th/6th Chorus Class  - Select from the Interactive Content folder labled  - Notation
    • Practice the following songs 
    • 1. We Are the World
    • 2. Star Spangled Banner
    • 3. Ole Ola We are One (Just for Fun)
    • 4.  Choreography to We Are One (Have Fun)
    • 5.  Fill out the Journal Sheet Attached in the Chorus Playlist. 

    4th Grade Chorus Class

    • Follow the link below and Sing through the following songs on the link below
    • We are the Wold - Notation Folder
    • What a Wonderful World - Notation Folder
    • Red River Valley  Notation Folder 
    • Download You  Download the Part 1 and Part 2 sheets to practice your part
    • Fill out the My Music Journal Sheet (Just For Fun)

              4th gr. Choir