• SAGE Math
    The Sierra Verde SAGE math program looks at mathematics as a
    "three legged stool".
    The program combines problem solving and spatial activities to develop conceptual understanding and accelerated procedural and basic skills to ensure development of effective problem solving strategies.  The content is more abstract, complex, and rigorous.  Students will work individually and in triads or groups to apply their understanding and skills to solve various problems or tasks. 

    2020-2021 Supply list   


    3rd-6th grade SAGE math supplies


    1 1/2 inch  3-ring binder

    Twistables Crayola Colored pencils

    .7 mechanical pencils

    extra eraser (optional)

    two-pocket folder 

    SV agenda (given by homeroom teacher)

    Items donated for general classroom use:

    Cleaning wipes Clorox or Lysol

    Boxes of tissue

    Additional information about nightly homework, assessments, redo criteria, and grading policy can be found in the
    the SAGE handbook.