mouse reading
    3rd and 4th grade SAGE Reading  
    Week of
    Monday December 9 - Friday December 13


    2nd Quarter Books Summaries due Wednesday December 18.  Templates can be found in Google Classroom and should be turned in on or before December 18 in Google classroom.  
    Late work accepted through the Friday of the week work was assigned.

    1st Quarter Wide Reading Book Expectations

    2nd Quarter Wide Reading Book Expectations


    Text Correlation Guide for levels of Books



     Monday:  3rd Quarter Book expectations and Book reviews.  Using text details to identify expose.
    Tuesday: identifying and describing character types in fiction text.  Using text details to support character types.
    Wednesday: using text details short story quiz 
     Thursday: using short story to practice writing 3rd quarter Book Review
     Friday: 3rd graders have STEAM activity and have no SAGE reading class.  4th graders will be working on using text details to solve picture mysteries 
    AZMerit ELA performance level descriptors
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