Week of
     Monday Feb 19 - Friday Feb 23

    SAGE math supplies 

    3-ring binder for math modules

    .7 mechanical pencil

    SAGE math grades are based on the following:
    Classwork includes problem-solving tasks and homework quizzes. 
    Students should have written their nightly homework in their school agenda.  Nightly homework can also be found in the Assignment section below. 
    Students should practice IXL skills each night, Monday - Friday, for 15–20 minutes.  
    Monday: Presidents' Day no school
    Tuesday: Module 5 lesson 20 adding fractions with unlike units.
    Wednesday: Module 5 lesson 21 adding fractions with unlike units.
    Thursday: District interim math assessment.   
    Friday: Problem-solving: finding area and perimeter of polygons

    SAGE students will be respectful in their character, behavior, and attitude towards others and materials.


    SAGE students will be responsible for their character, behavior, and attitude towards others and materials.


    SAGE students will be resourceful when dealing with challenges in a respectful and responsible way.

    Additional help can be found on Khan Academy.  Parents are welcome to sign up for a free student account.  Khan Academy allows you to search for lessons by standards. 
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