Teaching Philosophy 
    My beliefs about teaching and learning are simple, yet the center of any successful educational setting.  It is my number one responsibility to assist each student in developing a positive desire to learn right from the first day of the school year. Also, I believe family support is fundamental for student progress and success. Therefore, it is my responsibility to continuously foster and encourage all family members to take an active interest in establishing a positive home and school partnership. As a team, we can accomplish great things!
    Life in my classroom will first display respect for all developmental levels of the learner, focusing on the strengths of each individual. Second, the learning process is highly valued and I emphasize how lifelong learning is vital and requires thoughtfulness. The teacher needs to be a facilitator and co-learning, demonstrating the necessity and importance of learning. Finally, I look forward to the opportunity to inspire all students to be passionate learners, always following their dreams and aspirations.