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    Campus Awards

    ⭐Legend Springs has been named an “A” Accountability Achievement Profile by the Arizona Department of Education.


    ⭐Legend Springs was named 2013 NCEA Arizona Higher Performing School NCEA Higher Performing School Awardby The National Center for Educational Achievement. The award was given to Legend Springs by rating in the top 5% of all schools in the State of Arizona .  The National Center of Educational Achievement (NCEA) identified Legend Springs to have consistently outperformed its peers with similar student populations over a three-year period.  Legend Springs is the only school in the Deer Valley School District that has received the award each year over a 3-year span.   


    ⭐Legend Springs received a Five Star Rating from Schooldigger.com.  SchoolDigger reports, "In 2013, Legend Springs Elementary ranked better than 95.5% of all elementary schools in Arizona.


    Student Awards

    ASU Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest

    2014 Madison Presmyk, 3rd Grade, Bronze Medal Recipient

    2014 Tegan Piereira, 3rd Grade, Honorable Mention

    2014 Giana Cox, 4th Grade, Honorable Mention

    ASU Grand Canyon State Games Art Contest

    2014 Dylan Dodd Kindergarten, Silver Medal Recipient

    2014 Benjamin Goodman, Kindergarten, Bronze Medal Recipient

    2014 Diana McNulty, Kindergarten, Honorable Mention


    Teacher Awards and Certifications

    National Board Certification 

    2020 Shawna Collins,  Early Childhood

    DVUSD &  Deer Valley Education Foundation Teachers of the Year

    2015-2016 Tina Crane, Kindergarten Teacher of the Year

    2015-2016 Lance Gephart, Art Teacher of the Year

    2014-2015 Cyndy Faucher, 2nd Grade Teacher of the Year

    2013-2014 Hollie Stafford, 6th Grade Teacher of the Year 

    2009-2010 Kelly Gedney, Reading Specialist Teacher of the Year

    2004-2005 Susan Huber, 4th Grade Teacher of the Year


    DVUSD and Deer Valley Education Foundation Rookies of the Year

    2015-2016 Jenny Ferdman Akers, 2nd Grade Rookie of the Year

    2001-2002 Kelly Schulte Gedney, 2nd Grade Rookie of the Year


     Donors Choose Grant Recipients

    Liz Reyes, STEM: 3 Projects Funded

    Emily Artzi, Art: 3 Projects Funded

    Karen Padelford, 1st Grade: 7 Projects Funded

    Katy Schultze, 4th Grade: 4 Projects Funded

    Kylene Wells, Kindergarten: 2 Projects Funded

    Shawna Collins, Kindergarten: 7 Projects Funded

    Kelly Gedney, Reading Specialist: 1 Project Funded

    Susan Barbee, Reading Specialist: 1 Project Funded

    Fiesta Bowl Grant Recipient

    2021 Shawna Collins, Kindergarten

    SRP Learning Grant Recipient

    2022 Liz Reyes, STEM

    American Family Insurance Grant 

    2014 Sharon Levake, 1st Grade $2500 for ipads

    Norwegian Cruise Line Teacher Award

    2022 Sharon Levake, 1st Grade 

    Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute in American History Scholarship {$2200}

    2014 Vanessa Goodrich, 5th Grade