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    All students will receive a homework packet at the beginning of each week. I believe in the value of homework for a few reasons. First of all, it is an opportunity for independent practice of what was taught in school earlier that day. Secondly, it helps children development time management and discipline skills. Lastly, it allows you to be actively involved in your child's academic growth as well as keep track of what is going on in the classroom. Daily homework will generally consist of two sheets; one language related practice and  one math related practice. Students will also be expected to read each day as part of their homework. Please have your child complete only the activities for that day, if possible, as that is the material that was covered and needs reinforcement.  I understand that we are all busy with after school and evening activities and that some days of the week may allow more time for homework than others. Please use your best judgement.

    Once your child has completed the activities for that day I ask that you check their work, initial at the bottom and return the packet in your child's take home folder. 

    The homework packet should remain in your child's folder throughout the week.   The homework packet is yours to remove and keep each Friday. If at any time homework becomes a problem (too easy or too difficult) please communicate with me. Generally 2nd grade students "love" their homework and look forward to completing it each day. Thank you for your support.