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    Books & Materials
    DVHS LMC has a variety of books in the collection, including fiction, non-fiction and graphic books.

    There are also limited non-print items available for checkout, such as iPad Keyboards and iPad external batteries for school day use only.

    Circulation Policy:
    • Library fines must be paid before any item may be checked out.
    • Students may have up to 2 items at a time.
    • Check-out period is 3 weeks. Materials may be renewed repeatedly for additional 3 week increments as long as no one else is waiting for the item.
    • Students may put a book on hold at the circulation desk, or on their own in the library circulation program (Destiny).
     About library fines:
    • Students will receive an "overdue" notice in their second period class when items are overdue.
    • When items are 2 weeks overdue, the item is considered lost and the student's bookstore account is charged for the full price of the item.
    • Students will receive a "lost item" notice in their second period class when items are marked lost.
    • If the student returns a lost library book, the fine for the cost of the overdue item will be waived if the book is still needed in the collection. If the student has kept the overdue book long enough to necessitate another copy being purchased to replace the missing one, there will be no waived fine. 
    • Students may pay for a fine at the library or at the bookstore.