• Conduct Expectations
    RESPECT the facility.
    • Food and drink in designated areas only. 
    • Clean up after yourself, throw all trash away - especially food and drink!
    • Don't lean back in your chair.
    • If you move chairs, move them back when you leave.
    RESPECT the staff.
    • If staff is helping someone else, wait patiently.
    • If you enter the library beyond the cafe tiled area, please sign in at the Information Desk.
    • Ask for help with anything. Staff is here to assist you.
    RESPECT technology.
    • Computers are expensive. Take care of them.
    • Log off of your number. This is for your protection.
    • Don't save documents and images locally, use server space (the U Drive).
    • District policy states that computers are for ACADEMIC USE ONLY.
    RESPECT the resources.
    • We have a limited number of books that we all share. Take care of them. & return them ASAP.
    • Pay your fines for overdue books and library services.
    RESPECT others.
    • Enter quietly. Remain quiet if there is a class in session.
    • During your free time, you are may quietly  visit with others, and use your devices, unless you become a problem for others trying to work.
    • No rough-housing, running or causing disruption. We are going for a "QUIET COFFEE-SHOP ATMOSPHERE." Not a loud lunchroom, and not a playground! 
    • Use headphones for anything that has audio. 
    • Clean up after yourself.