• Be Proactive "Learn to LEAD Yourself First"
    Classroom Expectations
    Students have the choice as to how their day can be.  They can choose to be Proactive or Reactive. If they choose to not follow our H.O.W.L. (Honorable Observant Willing Leaders) expectations on campus, then these are the consequences:  
    • Choice 1: verbal redirection 
    • Choice 2: complete a written reflection during class
    • Choice 3: complete a written reflection during lunch or afternoon recess (5 minutes)
    • Choice 4: after school detention (1 hour Tuesday or Thursday)
    • Choice 5: conference with the assistant principal and/or principal

    Each month students will start over. 

    Students will be rewarded for positive/leader behavior with our grade level Coyote Cash.

    Students can use their Coyote Cash to "buy" non-monetary rewards.

    Students who get 3 recess reflections and/or after school detentions or 1 suspension keeps them from earning Quarter Rewards

    Monthly rewards can be earned and "bought" with Coyote Cash:

    1. Each month students will be given multiple choices for their reward. 
    2. They can use their cash to "buy" their reward, turn it in for the school Coyote Cash drawing, buy supplies from our Student Council School Store, OR save it for next month's reward.
    3. If they save their cash, they can buy more than 1 reward the next month.