• Physical Education Expectations:               Curricullum Night Mtg.                      shoes

    Class Overview

    This quarter you will follow along each week in your  CANVAS MODULES to do the warm-ups, activities, and assignments/assessments to be turned into Canvas.   Follow the directions  and remember to play the recordings and if you have any problems I will be meeting with you through zoom everyday you have P.E. class to help you along.  You can also zoom on Fridays between 9:30-1:45 for questions or help, remember the link and passcode are different than PE zooms. 


    Class Expectations

    To participate, watch all videos, do all activities/assignments and assessments  to the best of your ability.  I will expect you to attend Zoom meetings each day you have P.E. class(usually only 1 or 2 days).  Please go to Canvas PE home page to find your zoom  dates/ times/link & password.  We will meet for 30 minutes of your P.E. class and then you will use the remaining 15 minutes to work independently.  Remember at any time if you have questions or concerns please let me know when we meet through zoom!  Come ready to learn and have fun!  Don't forget to turn in your work each week for a grade.  Don't forget to  SUBMIT your work!  Also, every Friday you can zoom at any time between 9:30-1:45 for questions or help (see link on PE home page). 

    I believe all students can benefit from the planned activities provided for them in Physical Education on line class. 
     If a students attends zooms with a positive attitude, they are kind and considerate, tries their best, lives the 7 habits, submits assignments/assessments, I believe success will be achieved! 
     Remember any comments or questions e-mail:         gina.viterbo@dvusd.org