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       In this class, students will explore the foundations of ceramics to create both non-functional and functional works of art. This class focuses on handbuilding with clay in addition to various painting and color theory techniques to push our projects to the next level. Our goal is to express ourselves through clay and paint, experience new techniques, and prove to ourselves that with time and practice, anyone can be an artist.


       No matter the skill level, participating in the arts regularly does wonders for the mind and soul. In addition to this, student-led art projects pave the way for students to express their creativity while teaching them perseverance, problem solving, patience, and fine motor skills. Communication and literacy skills are practiced by focusing on the critique method (describe, analyze, interpret, & evaluate). Learning to appreciate and partake in the arts is beneficial to all students.


    "A simple line painted with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness." - Joan Miró 

    "To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." -Kurt Vonnegut


    Syllabi, Agreement Form, Supplies

    -9"x12" Spiral Bound Sketchbook (amazon $12.99) OR paper folder with unlined printer paper holepunched in (DUE MON 8/8, everything else due Mon 8/15)
    -Pottery Kit (amazon $6.99 - nice to have individual tools, have these labeled in a ziploc to be left in class) OR a handful of toothpicks
    -Large Gallon Ziploc Bag (storing projects) OR grocery bags without holes
    -Travel Lotion/Hand Cream (optional, clay dries out hands)
    -Travel Tissues (optional, not provided)
    -Chromebook and charger, Pencil/Eraser, Black Pen (required)
    Please make sure everything is labelled with a permanent marker
    ***If you can't supplies - please notify teacher at the beginning or end of class*****
    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
         1st      Ceramics 3-4/5-6
    2nd Prep
    3rd Ceramics 1-2
    4th Teacher's Lunch
    5th Ceramics 1-2
    6th Ceramics 1-2
    7th Ceramics 1-2


    Hello! My name is Kristen Buron and I am one of the art teachers at Barry Goldwater High School. This is my ninth year teaching art, all of which have been in DVUSD. I love many different types of media, but in my free time I love to paint. My biggest hope is that you will leave my class with an appreciation for the arts and the role it plays in both the individual and society.

    Contact Info

    Instructor - Kristen Buron

    Work # 623-445-3256

    Email: Kristen.Buron@dvusd.org