Class Expectations/Rules:
    1. Listen when the teacher is talking.
    2. Follow directions quickly.  
    3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    4. Be safe.  Be honest.  
    5. Respect others, respect yourself, and respect your school.


                       Mrs. Jamison's Class Management Plan:

    Our classroom employs a clip chart behavior management system adapted from the clip chart system developed by Rick Morris. This system promotes positive behavior choices and encourages students to self monitor their behavior.

                                      How It Works:

    -Each student has a clothespin labeled with his/her name, and begins the day clipped to the center of the chart labeled “Ready to Learn.”

    -During the course of the day, students have the opportunity to move their clothespin up or down the chart according to their behavioral choices: “clip up” or “clip down.”

    -Positive behavior choices allow the student to move his/her clothespin up one level; conversely, inappropriate behavior choices cause the clothespin to move down one level.  When a student ends his/her day on Role Model (Pink), he/she will earn a prize from the treasure box! 

                                  Clip Chart Advantages:

    -Students are acknowledged for positive behavior choices.

    -Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they make good behavior choices and have the opportunity to clip up.

    -Student who have had to clip down always have the opportunity to improve and clip up later in the day, thus they continue to stay motivated to make positive behavior choices.

    Students can clip up when they:
    • are helpful to others. 
    • follow the directions right away.
    • are respectful to others.
    • stay on task and do great work!

    My students clip down when they:

    • don't follow classroom or school rules.
    • receive a warning before being told to correct behavior.

                                Our Behavior Clip Chart

    Role Model

    The Role Model level is reserved for exceptional behavior.

    Great Job


    Students who end their day on purple have worked extra hard to make great choices.

    Good Job


    Students who end their day on blue have clipped up once and have had a good day.

    Ready to Learn


    Students who end their day on green, have met the expectations for the day.

    Make Better Choices


    A student will be moved to the Make Better Choices level as a warning about his/her behavior and a reminder to follow the rules.

    Loss of Recess


    Students who continue to display poor behavior move down to the Orange level and miss 5 minutes of recess.

    Parent Contact


    When a student moves to the Parent Contact level, the teacher will notify parents via note or phone call. A visit to the Principal’s office might also be in order. Students on this level will lose recess time.