Office Directory

Name Position Phone Number Email
Aaron, Julia Assistant Principal 623-445-7600
Attendance Line For Absences 623-445-7690
Axelrod, Lisa Administrative Secretary 623-445-7604
Blomgren, Sonia Registrar 623-445-7606
Brown, Pauline Media Center Specialist 623-445-7613
LaBonte, Monica Accounting Clerk 623-445-7605
Lipson, Teresa AM/PM Program Coordinator 623-445-7640
Mirabal, Melina Nurse 623-445-7610
Singleton, Joshua Cafeteria Manager 623-445-7614
TBA Plant Foreman 623-445-7615
Wieser, Sharon Principal 623-445-7600

Developmental Preschool Teachers

Name Phone Number Email Website
Suffern, Emily 623-445-7636

Kindergarten Teachers

Name Phone Number Email Website
Brunt, Olivia 623-445-7635
Duffy, Marianne 623-445-7637
Fuzi, Kelly 623-445-7630
Wahlstrom, Katie 623-445-7632

First Grade Teachers

Name Phone Number Email Website
Brown, Krista 623-445-7633
Domkus, Jenny Classroom: 623-445-7623 Google Voice: 623-349-4592
Schick, Danielle 623-445-7652
Willard, Rachel 623-445-7631

Second Grade Teachers

Name Phone Number Email Website
Conner, Hayley 623-445-7698
Cooper, Cecily 623-445-7644
Schottin, Alexa 623-445-7646
Tibbs, Carla 623-445-7647

Third Grade Teachers

Name Phone Number Email Website
Fern, Jaclyn 623-445-7648
Fernandez, Kia 602-445-7624
Kroulik, Lorilee 623-445-7650
Lamb, Steven 623-445-7651

Fourth Grade Teachers

Fifth Grade Teachers

Sixth Grade Teachers

Seventh Grade Teachers

Eighth Grade Teachers

Special Support Services

Name Position Phone Number Email Website
Andrews, Jessica Special Education 623-445-7627
Ashmore, Tom Special Education 623-445-7626
Bowman, Ruthie Psychologist 623-445-7620
Bullock, Brittany Special Education Classroom: 623-445-7634 Google Voice: 928-719-7723
Burbridge, Liz Special Education 623-445-7665
Crim, Deborah SAGE 623-445-7678
Davis, Jeannie K-3 Reading Specialist 623-445-7638
Field, Melissa Special Education-Hearing Impaired 623-445-7639
Harper, Erin Physical Therapist
Kasten, Danielle SAGE 623-445-7689
Kelly, Kirsten Speech 623-445-7645
Kinney, Laura EL Teacher Specialist 623-445-7622
Lamothe, Brian Counselor 623-445-7617
McGorray, Kathleen Psychologist 623-445-7690
Nielson, Marian Occupational Therapist 623-445-7645
Pauga, Jodilynn Adaptive PE
Sandy, Mary EL Instructional Assistant 623-445-7622
Scott, Savannah Speech 623-445-7645
Shorter, Liz Special Education Strategist 623-445-7601
Wittenwyler, Wendy Reading Specialist 623-445-7625
Ziemer, Taylor Special Education 623-445-7625
Zimmer, Allyson Occupational Therapist 623-445-7645
Zintak, Samantha Special Education 623-445-7662

Academy of the Arts Teachers

Name Position Phone Number Email Website
Abbott, Lorena Music 623-445-7676
Bennett, Angie Spanish 1-2 623-445-7663
Harman, Chelsea PE 623-445-7640
Harper, Amy PE 623-445-7641
Hart, Aaron PE 623-445-7641
Madison, Christopher Art 623-445-7666
Terrell, Kimberly Band 623-445-7677
Wagner, Phoebe Art 623-445-7643
Zapotocky, David Music 623-445-7683