• Copper Creek Staff Directory
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Name Position Phone # E-mail
Administrative Office
McNeill, Kathy Principal 623-376-3904 kathy.mcneill@dvusd.org
Landis, Amber Teacher on Assign./Spec. Ed Strategist 623-376-3917 amber.landis@dvusd.org
Holm, Janet Secretary 623-376-3904 janet.holm@dvusd.org
Harless, Mary Registrar 623-376-3906 mary.harless@dvusd.org
Charron, Pam Account Clerk 623-376-3905 pamela.charron@dvusd.org
Support Staff
Mahle, Chris Cafeteria Mgr 623-376-3914 chris.mahle@dvusd.org
Yingst, Jana Nurse 623-376-3910 jana.yingst@dvusd.org
Brown, Becki Bobcat Den 602-573-9370 becki.brown@dvusd.org
Harvey, Will Plant Foreman 623-376-3915 will.harvey@dvusd.org
Pre School
Simmons, Kelly CS - Pre Kinder 623-376-3942 kelly.simmons@dvusd.org
Bolinger, Mary Dev - PreSchol 623-376-3938 mary.bolinger@dvusd.org
Green, Rebecca Kindergarten 623-376-3933 rebecca.green@dvusd.org
Hoelzen, Lisa Kindergarten 623-376-3930 lisa.hoelzen@dvusd.org
Shipman, Hannah Kindergarten 623-376-3931 hannah.shipman@dvusd.org
Western, Diane Kindergarten 623-376-3932 diane.western@dvusd.org
Abraham, Michelle 1st Grade 623-376-3947 michelle.abraham@dvusd.org
Berk, Kristen 1st Grade 623-376-3937 kristen.berk@dvusd.org
Cox, Dawn 1st Grade 623-376-3948 dawn.cox@dvusd.org
Mans, Karen 1st Grade 623-376-3936 karen.mans@dvusd.org
Andrew, Vicky 2nd Grade 623-376-3945 vicky.andrew@dvusd.org
Imdorf, Colleen 2nd Grade 623-376-3949 colleen.imdorf@dvusd.org