• Do to the recent changes in the delivery of student lessons in art, a few changes have been added to student expectations. 
    All learning will take place online and through Canvas and or the Zoom live virtual learning. 
    During the live video lessons, students are expected to 
    -Enter the lesson with their microphone off.
    -Enter and click onto the "Chat" button.
    -realize that only one person can talk at a time.  A student can ask a question on the "Chat" and it will be answered at the discretion of the teacher. 
    -Students must realize that the virtual lesson is not a time for specific questions about grades.  They need to schedule a private conference at a different time. 
    -Students will refer to the schedule posted on Canvas or go to the link on this website. 
    -Students must be respectful and not post, say, or show any inappropriate images.  Choosing to do any of these will result in being removed from the virtual lesson and face consequences.