Communications and Community Engagement

  •  Mission Statement:
    The mission of the DVUSD Communications and Community Engagement Department is to provide information and outstanding customer service to all stakeholders.

Department Contacts

Brian Killgore 623-445-5011 Position: Director
Michelle VanValer 623-445-5010 Position: Secretary
Sally Kerr 623-445-5039 Position: Public Records Clerk
Kayla Pologa 623-445-5015 Position: Marketing & Partnerships Manager
Matt Sammon 623-445-5018 Position: Digital Content Manager
  • Brian Killgore

    Brian Killgore
    Director, Communications
  • Responsibilities:

    Communications and Community Engagement (CCE) utilizes a variety of internal and external communication strategies for all stakeholders. Below is a list of functions that the Communications Department oversees for the District.
    Awards and Recognitions
    Deer Valley is an award-winning district and continues to celebrate our distinguished reputation for excellence in education. We challenge ourselves to go beyond our daily dedication to learning for all students. Meeting this challenge ensures each child’s success. Each year our students, faculty and staff are recognized at the state and national level. The strengths of a winning team are evidenced through these numerous accomplishments.
    Business & Community Partnerships
    We communicate with 1,000 local Business and community partners who have an interest in partnering with our schools and District. During our quarterly networking events, partners gather to learn how to support our school and District. We also host several New Partner Orientations each year to introduce new partners to the program. Business Partners provide much of District sponsorships for meals and events.

    Issues/Crisis Management Communications
    During a crisis, schools face unusual demands, which is why effective management of information to the community is vital. Communications and Community Engagement staff work closely with school and other District staff during a school incident or emergency to provide open, consistent communication with the community.


    For an organization to grow, it must build strong customer relationships. CCE uses effective integrated marketing through advertising, event outreach, and publicity to share the successes of our DVUSD schools. 

    Media Relations
    In an effort to create a unified voice for all district communications, it is important that all media efforts be coordinated through the Communications and Community Engagement Department. The media is a partner in sharing information about the District, schools, and educational goals. 

    Publications, both printed and digital, are received by all DVUSD key stakeholders, including parents, community members, teachers and staff, and business and community partners. Parents receive update emails with important information about their school or the district. Community Members receive the "Special Report to the Community" each year, which provides financial updates and Bond project management information. Staff receive a bi-weekly eNewsletter with district-wide academic information, budget and financial updates, and student and staff recognition. Business & Community Partners receive eNewsletters containing the latest District information and opportunities to partner with the District and schools.
    Public Records
    CCE staff review, redact, and provide thousands of public records each year as requested by community stakeholders and members of the media.
    Social Media
    We share good news and important updates on Facebook and Twitter. Many DVUSD schools also share posts on other social media channels. We have plans to expand our social media outreach in the coming year.

    Special Events
    CCE assists with coordination and promotion of special events, like the College and Career Tours, Longevity Reception, Retiree Reception, Kindergarten Preview Night, Love our Schools Day, and Groundbreaking and Dedication Ceremonies, etc.

    CCE produces videos each year to promote our schools and the District on social media and our website. Videos are also shown at a variety of gatherings across the District.
    Websites + Mobile App
    CCE oversees content and design for this District website, as well as providing support, training, and additional content for 40 DVUSD school websites.