Schoolwide Food Policy



    FOOD AT SCHOOL… We value the health and well being of all Las Brisas students and staff and we will do everything in our power to safeguard your children.  Even a brief exposure to some of these foods could render a susceptible child or adult unable to breathe in minutes, which is the reason for instituting this new policy and we appreciate your support and understanding.

    Students without nut allergies may bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or snacks with nuts, such as granola bars, etc with them for their lunches, but not to eat in the classrooms.  There is a designated table in the cafeteria available for students with nut allergies.  Friends who have purchased a school prepared lunch may sit at that table also.  

    BIRTHDAYS!....We love to celebrate them! Due to the increased numbers of students with severe allergies to various food and nut products and other health conditions, Las Brisas Elementary School has instituted a new policy regarding student birthdays and celebrations.  There will no longer be any edible treats of any kind permitted in the classroom as part of birthday celebrations.  Students will be recognized on their birthday by having their name read on the morning announcements and special recognition in the classroom.  Balloons, balloon bouquets, flower bouquets, stuffed animals and the like will not be delivered to the classrooms.  

    CLASSROOM PARTIES!... The following parties are scheduled during the school year:  Fall Party, Holiday Party, Valentine’s Day and End of the Year Celebration.  All classrooms are designated as NUT FREE and will follow the “NUT FREE” guidelines listed on the school website: (under school links). 

    STUDENT SNACKS FOR CLASSROOMS!... All classrooms are designated as “NUT FREE”.  This means that any snacks a student brings to the classroom to be eaten during a “snack time” must be NUT FREE. Suggested snacks are: pretzels, popcorn, rice snacks, chips, crackers, goldfish, graham crackers, fruit snacks, rice krispie treats, cereal bars, but always check the label.