• Absences

    Las Brisas uses an automatic call system to notify parents/guardians that their child has been marked absent from school. The system will only call out to the homes of the students whose parents HAVE NOT called their child in absent on the Las Brisas Attendance Line. Absences need to be called in by 9:00 AM. The system will make one call and that is to the phone number that is listed in Powerschool as the “home phone”. If a parent/guardian would prefer to be notified on an alternate phone number (cell phone or work number), the front office needs to be notified to make the change for a contact phone number.

    It would be extremely helpful if parents/guardians would call in as soon as possible. Calls can be made the day/night before. Messages can be left on the absence line. If your child has a doctor or dentist appointment and will be late to school, it is important that you also call that absence in also.