Academic Planning Guide - The Academic Planning Guide is a tool that desribes the courses offered within Deer Valley Unified School District.  Other district handbooks and guides can be found here as well.


    DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities - There are several resources within the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.  It is important that all students and parents familiarize themselves with this handbook.  School - parent partnership is expected in DVUSD's approach to student discipline.


    Student Handbook  - This guide is a great resource for students and parents.  It outlines important characteristics and expectations of Sandra Day O'Connor High School.


    Behavior Matrix - Student conduct is very important on campus and within the community of Sandra Day O'Connor High School.  This is a quick reference guide is not limited to, but includes some of those expectations. 


    Behavior Flow Chart - The Flow Chart is a quick reference as to how Major and Minor offenses are handled at Sandra Day O'Connor High School.  Sandra Day O'Connor High School uses Positive Behavior Supports as a primary resource for behavior expectations.