• Grading

    Our Grading scale continues to be as follows:

    90 - 100% = A

    80 - 89% = B

    70 - 79% = C

    60 - 69% = D

    49 - 59% = F

    Legend Springs is beginning a transition to standards based grading.

    • Students will not have zeroes for their final scores.  Teachers may put in zeroes to indicate an assignment is missing or hasn't been attempted.
    • If you see a 49% (or the equivalent points) and the “Missing” icon or “Incomplete” icon, it means the work is missing or not finished. Students will receive a grade once the work is turned in or completed.
    • Students may request the chance to improve a quiz or test score with a retake if the score is below 80%.  The student should speak to the subject area teacher about the procedure.  Quizzes or tests may only be made up within the same Unit or Module.

    Report Card Information