• 4th 2017




    Who is Mrs. Sneed?


    Hello, my name is Cheryl Sneed (please feel free to call me Cheryl).  This year I am looking forward to celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary, my daughter Joclynn’s 11th birthday, and my 11th amazing year in 2nd grade.  This will be my seventeenth year teaching at Diamond Canyon.  Joclynn is in the 5th grader and I am overly excited to have my girl remain in the Coyote family. She is our little miracle; she was born January 31st, 2011. Like her mother... she wanted to make a grand entrance, 2 ½ months early. She is doing great and has earned the nickname “Sprout” growing like a weed and ready to learn as much as she can.        

       I was born and raised in Erie Pennsylvania; a graduate of Clarion University also located in PA. I enjoy visiting friends and family there during the summer, swimming, shopping and just being in my home town. I love my home town, but the 9 months of winter and never ending lake effect snow made it very easy to move. Sunshine......Now that is my all time favorite.  I can't get enough of it!  Living in Arizona has given me not only the opportunity to teach. I met my loving husband here, and began my life. We enjoy being in the pool (much cleaner then Lake Erie), being with friends and family, and just acting silly around the house. I can't say I am a AZ native, however I am an AZ lover!     
                 I believe learning starts at home with the guidance and support of family, and in the classroom obtaining the academic and social skills needed to be successful.  Being a life long learner is about challenging your self and allowing others to challenge you. With error and mistake comes learning. 

    Mrs. Sneed's Favorites
    Colors: Red, white, and black
    Food: Breakfast, Mexican, and sandwiches
    Fruit: Cherries, pineapple, strawberries
    Snack: Chocolate covered strawberries
    Beverage: Water, unsweetened tea with lemon, McDonalds Vanilla Ice Coffee
    Sport: Softball/ Baseball
    Hobbies: Shopping with my daughter, organizing things, being with family, and soaking up the sun
    Silly things about me: I have an odd obsession with all things decorated with cherries that
    started when I was 16.
    My father went to Clown College when I was a senior in high school. 
    I completely dislike making meal decisions, and Starbuck.
    I love to play with and twirl my hair.
    I am fearful of escalators, bugs, spiders and snakes.